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What is XCore?

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XCore is a12-month leadership development program. It utilizes visual tools, in-depth workshops, and group coaching to help leaders take their leadership to the next level.

  • 6 Main Sessions - During this 12 Month Program, there will be 6 face-to- face, 1/2 day sessions at a centralized location in Tulsa with 10-20 participants every other month.
  • 6 Core Groups - You will be assigned to a Core Group with 6-8 other participants and will meet every other month live or virtually depending on group’s desire. *Mtgs will be scheduled to fit group.
  • Altitude Training - Each participant will receive access to online leadership training used each week (10-15 minutes per week)
  • GiANT Platform Access - Each Participant will have access to the GiANT platform for additional resources
  • Networking - This is a great chance to network with other growth-minded professionals
  • 100X Book- Each participant will receive a copy of the best selling 100X Leader book as a field guide for content
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Six Workshop Sessions

Liberation as a Lifestyle

Liberating Leaders fight for the highest possible good in the lives of those they lead. Learn simple tools to become one of the best leaders in the world.

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Discover Your Leadership Voice

Understand your leadership voice, communication style, and the strengths and challenges of others on the other side of you.

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Mastering Effective Communication

Understand the different styles of communication and the types of questions people ask. Learn how to crack the communication code between yourself and others around you.

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Maximizing Influence

Understand and leverage the power of influence in all of your relationships.

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Becoming Productive & Present

Use the 5 Gears to become present and productive in a world where there is never enough time. Understand how to shift into the right gear at the right time to truly connect with others around you.

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Personal Alignment

Clearly identify your personal vision, mission, and values needed to meet your future goals.

Now accepting participants for January 2023

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